About Us

ALA is proud to have been selected as a top 100 UK FinTech firm by the Department for International Trade, and selected to represent London FinTech start-ups for the  inaugural International FinTech Conference 2017 in London in April.

Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA) was established in 2015 to provide next generation, enterprise-proven big data and finance analytics solutions for global financial institutions, and operates across the globe from its head offices in London, UK.

We provide a quant-based augmentative strategy for your portfolio composition.

With our focus on financial services, ALA is solely committed to facilitating better business insight and decisionmaking by leveraging enterprisewide information assets and unlimited external data sources. The company’s core analytics platform, OneLogic, allows financial firms to analyse and process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in realtime and undertakes pre-emptive, descriptive, and predictive edge analytics augmented with behavioural, sentiment and emotional analytics.

Using the most advanced algorithms developed from over 10 years of academic research and connecting to any data source securely, OneLogic identifies and catches signs of bubbles, market trends, overconfidence in M&A deals, and other useful indicators, in any language, and across jurisdictions. ALA believes that business driven decisions should be firmly rooted in advanced analytics, not instinct.

OneLogic works with industry leading enterprise data frameworks, including Apache Hadoop and the HP Vertica data warehouse.

What makes us different?

  • Through our team of leading academics we have developed unique solutions using behavioural, sentiment and emotional finance to give our customers a leading edge over the market.
  • We provide a quant-based augmentative strategy for your portfolio composition.
  • ALA owns the IP and algorithms associated with behavioural, sentiment and emotional analytics, working with academic researchers, data scientists and leading UK Universities for more than 10 years.
  • Combining big data platform technologies with these algorithms gives ALA the ability to analyse massive volumes of unstructured data to identify signs of bubbles, market trends, overconfidence in M&A deals and other useful indicators. These methods can also be applied across jurisdictions and in any language, including Chinese-language markets.
  • Using the cutting-edge Cisco architecture and the very best of Big Data analytics technology gives a significant performance advantage compared to other Big Data platforms in the market.

ALA has assembled a highly effective and experienced executive team, combining strategic business planning and operational capability with experience spanning both start-up and corporate organisations. A brief introduction to our executive team can be found here.



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