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We provide a quant-based augmentative strategy for your portfolio composition.

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Emotional Finance is an emerging field dedicated to understanding the unconscious processes driving financial decision making.

Download our What is Emotional Finance? Whitepaper here.

Behavioural Finance seeks to explain behavioural/cognitive reasons for irrational decisions. However, decision making is largely driven by emotional processes rather than behaviour/cognition. This explains why Behavioural Finance has been poor at dealing with stock market bubbles and identifying when they will deflate, for example.

Emotional Finance therefore gives a deeper understanding of motivations for irrational behaviour and a window into market opportunities arising from this understanding.

Sentiment Analysis for Finance

Sentiment analysis belongs to Behavioural Finance and is evolving at an accelerated pace. Through text mining of structured and unstructured sources of information, sentiment analysis captures the mood of markets and provides insight into upcoming influential events. Early indication of unprecedented events help to gain an edge in traders’ portfolios before they impact the markets (see Whitepaper for more detail). Automated systems trained to process information multiple times faster than human beings, remove all limitations on speed, information sources and financial instrument coverage. This technology scours the entire digital space to deliver alerts that place you ahead of the game.

OneLogic Finance Analytics

  • Sentiment, Behavioural, Emotional content analysis
  • Unstructured data use
  • Voice and Video
  • Texts
  • Real-time data feeds
  • Social media

OptiRisk’s Products

OptiRisk Systems offers a specialist range of software for Financial Analytics. These cover Optimum Portfolio Construction, Daily Trade Scheduling and Risk Management applications. Our software range includes Portfolio Construction, Sentiment Analysis, Asset and Liability Management. We also offer optimisation modelling and solver products: Modelling Systems for Mathematical Programming.