About Us

Big data analytics is fast being recognised as a crucial primary source of business innovation. By harnessing big data analytics in core operations, financial services firms are beginning to recognise the value that can be mined, analysed and acted upon.

However, the quantity, speed and diversity of information flows continue to expand at a constant rate, further swelling the pools of available data to be analysed and acted upon. Much of this data is unstructured, meaning that it lacks a defined, standard structure that would enable simple quantification. The balance between structured and unstructured sources is rapidly shifting to a significant increase in unstructured data sources. These have traditionally been harder to mine and quantify, but are very rich in information and customer insight.

OneLogic is an advanced big data and financial analytics solution that facilitates better business insight and decision-making across functions by leveraging both internal enterprise-wide data assets and hundreds of external data sources. It allows financial firms to mine, process and analyse massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, from any source, in real-time, and get answers from it almost immediately. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

Using OneLogic you can combine and integrate data from multiple sources: internal structured (e.g., database tables) and unstructured data (e.g., e-mail, voice calls, documents, etc.) external structured sources (e.g., news feeds, social media, blogs, web sites) and unstructured sources (e.g., YouTube, LinkedIn). Through lightning speed interrogation of huge data sets, OneLogic will reveal untapped trends, patterns and correlations, from which new insights and predictions can be made.


  • Cost reduction. The OneLogic platform combined with Hadoop and cloud-based analytics can bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data.
  • Faster, better decision making. Utlising the speed of Hadoop combined with the ability to analyse new sources of structured and unstructured data, financial firms can analyse information immediately.
  • New products and services. With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want.
  • Data management. Data needs to be high quality and well-governed before it can be reliably analysed. With data constantly flowing in and out of an organisation, it’s important to establish repeatable processes to build and maintain standards for data quality.
  • Data mining. OneLogic allows you to sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise in data, pinpoint what’s relevant, use that information to assess likely outcomes, an accelerate the pace of making informed decisions.
  • Predictive analytics. OneLogic uses data, statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. It’s all about providing a best assessment on what will happen in the future, so organisations can feel more confident that they’re making the best possible business decision. Some of the most common uses of predictive analytics include fraud detection, risk, investment opportunities, operations and marketing.
  • Text mining. Analyse text data from the web, comment fields and other text-based sources to uncover insights you hadn’t noticed before. Comb through documents – emails, blogs, Twitter feeds, surveys, competitive intelligence and more – to help analyse large amounts of information.
  • Finance analytics. Through its finance analytics, OneLogic helps firms understand the unconscious processes driving financial decision making. It identifies and catches signs of bubbles, market trends, overconfidence in M&A deals, and other useful indicators. It gives a deeper understanding of motivations for irrational behavior and a window into market opportunities arising from this understanding.

ALA OneLogic solution architecture

Designed for speed, scalability, simplicity and openness

OneLogic is consciously designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core and architected to handle analytical workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture. It provides impressively fast speed (queries run 50–1,000X faster), petabyte scale (store 10–30X more data per server), openness, and simplicity (use any business intelligence [BI]/ETL tools, Hadoop, etc.)—at a much lower cost than traditional data warehouse solutions.

Powerful technology

At the core of the OneLogic analytics platform is a column-oriented, relational database built specifically to handle today’s analytic workloads. Unlike commercial and open-source row stores, which were designed decades ago to support small data, the OneLogic platform provides customers with:

  • Complete and advanced SQL-based analytical functions to provide powerful SQL analytics
  • A clustered approach to storing Big Data, offering superior query and analytic performance
  • Better compression, requiring less hardware and storage than comparable data analytics solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability to easily ramp up when workloads increase
  • Better load throughput and concurrency with querying
  • Built-in predictive analytics
  • Less intervention with a database administrator (DBA) for overhead and tuning

The broadest deployment

Available on-premise, on Hadoop, or in the cloud, OneLogic offers proven Big Data analytics that can deliver unmatched speed and scale.

OneLogic is currently being deployed at global financial services firms in the areas of Business Insight, Compliance, Financial Analytics, Behavioural, Sentiment and Emotional Analytics.