How quickly can you process the ocean of stock market news available from around the world and understand mood and movements in your chosen portfolio?

Stock Market news and comment has a ‘split-second value,’ where even a mere split-second advantage can allow an investor to gain considerable foresight into future price movements of the asset in the news, which in turn leads to profit.

Today, more than ever, investors are seeking new and better ways to access portfolio-relevant financial information.

ALASA is a Financial news aggregator – unlimited global news sources.

ALASA is a data mining tool – innovative algorithms capture the mood of markets.

ALASA is a sentiment analysis tool – for financial predictions.

ALASA is AI for the data-driven trader and investor.

Be first in the market with ALASA – the stock market sentiment tool for professional investors and traders.

Want a split second advantage?  Get in the mood with ALASA.

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