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Big data analytics and compliance

Big data analytics can be critical for industries that are subject to tight regulatory standards, such as the financial services industry.  Failures in reporting have cost some of the world’s top investment ‍banks huge fines in recent years.  And the challenge for big data in compliance is not just the sheer volume, but the complexity and lack of consistent structure of data.

Big data analytics in the financial sector is changing from technology that enabled analysis of structured data towards capabilities that enable in-depth analysis of the ever growing and diverse types of unstructured data.

OneLogic Compliance 

Mitigate risk, support compliance, and improve efficiency

OneLogic, together with industry leading enterprise data frameworks such as Apache Hadoop and the HP Vertica Datawarehouse, is helping financial services firms achieve compliance data requirements, reduce costs and mitigate risks and increase productivity as well as profit. It gives firms the visibility and insight into the information that directly affects their business.

Without the ability to gain intelligence about a firm’s information, it becomes increasingly difficult to respond to investigations in a timely manner, or to reconstruct events with the proper context.

With OneLogic’s new analytics capabilities, there are countless untapped end user opportunities across business units, products and geographies.  Simply put, no other product in the market today is able to deliver the analytic performance, including real-time data with limitless scale for both structured and unstructured data, including social media and voice data.

OneLogic Offerings:


  • Risk and governance
  • GDPR
  • Counterparty risk
  • Data security
  • Basel III
  • Detection and prevention of fraud
  • MiFID II
  • Data remediation
  • Telephony data recording


  • Marketing
  • Customer 360 and CRM
  • Mobile workforce productivity

The OneLogic compliance offering is underpinned by a respected and experienced consultancy team backed up by a pre-sales team who scope the ‘best practice’ base platform, while the consultants identify the customer’s pain points and design business enhancing outcomes.