With traditional alphas getting tougher to exploit, traders are turning to innovative sources of alternative data to help develop new insights and strategies.

Capturing the mood of markets

Award-winning ALASA captures data from the 'experts' and 'mood of markets' to provide alternative insight into upcoming influential events. Early indication of unprecedented events helps to gain an edge in traders’ portfolios before they impact the markets.

  • Financial news aggregator with sentiment analysis.
  • Proprietary algorithms provide sentiment scoring.
  • Covers 150,000+ assets (stocks, forex, indices and commodities), market news and social media.
  • Instruments include: futures, ETFs, indices, mutual funds, currency pairs, bonds and warrants.
  • Empirical validation models based on Capital Asset Pricing Model and Cumulative Abnormal Return.
  • Harness «Experts» and «Wisdom of Crowds» for financial predictions.

Who’s it for?

For the Enterprise

For banks, investment and other trading firms.  Use ALASA sentiment across multiple work stations.  ALASA helps trading firms make sense of human and market signals faster and more extensively than ever before.


Professional and individual investors can use the ALASA sentiment App to analyse the sentiment of 150,000+ assets (stocks, forex, indices & commodities), and get ahead of the markets.