About Us


Our OneLogic offerings are led by an experienced consultancy team backed up by an experienced pre-sales team who scope the base platform, while the consultants work with customer’s on identifying the pain points and designing business enhancing outcomes.

Breaking down big data analytics to ensure successful proof of concept implementation

We typically start off our new clients with very focused and targeted implementations to solve specific problems or issues. This allows for very manageable implementations that shorten the timeline to get to a valuable solution.  Typically, that means small, targeted, and focused implementations so our clients start to see value very quickly.  The result is a pretty quick turnaround and the ability to identify the ROI quickly.

Another important benefit of this approach is its flexibility.  Requirements change, needs change, the data that you’re looking at may change. All of these require a very flexible solution in order to be most effective.

Only once the proof of concept has demonstrated the capability to solve the problem, would it then be rolled out to production for enterprise-wide use.

The model below shows, how our Logic solutions are mapped to an engagement cycle.