Enterprise Grade Technology

The OneLogic suite of solutions are underpinned by technology capable of processing the vast volumes of data produced today.

The technology platform is built upon a combination of MAPR, Cisco and HPE technologies, with a presentation layer in Tableau. This architecture takes advantage of Cisco hardware and data management breakthroughs alongside HPE’s industry- leading Big Data analytics software for structured and unstructured data (HPE, Vertica and Idol). The platform can be delivered as an on-premise solution or hosted in the cloud.

Structured and unstructured data is gathered from a range of sources, depending upon the client and application. These include high arrival rate feeds such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Twitter and other social media, structured client data, unstructured client data and news or web generated data.

These multiple streams are harvested and ingested into a MapR datalake where the data is homogenised in order for the analytical algorithms to be able to process it. Outputs are then conveyed through an interface depending upon the application.